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Star DotA
This is a group dedicated to DotA.

Group Founder: dgon
Description: Post strat ideas and item combos here or just questions
Group Type: Public join
Members: 49
Category: Games > PC

Topics (39)

go Heroes (37) dgon
Who do you think is the best hero?

go underestimated heroes (26) jaketg
i always like to play the underestimated heroes.. u know, the ones that other players instantly repick or swap.. which of the 'unpopular'

go Newbie (22) obscura
I've just started playing DotA! Im not really sure if i shud feel happy or sad, lol. Now I know how different DotA is from the original warcraft. I played online via Hamachi today and obviously got pw...

go hero help (27) luthe
if we need to know more bout tactics and tips for heros well.dis is da spot.

go Nicknames (9) turbz
Hey.. Wats your nick's on war3za. Mine is tUrbZ

go Dota?Tara gg. (0) deshemey
May filipino b d2?

go highly estimated (6) joeywap
post ur highly estimated or favorite heroes

go (10) g0th1x
Do u play on bnet? Wat server? I play war3za, south african server.. Do u lyk ur bnet server? Any problems with it?

go Frag lan. . . (0) vengeful
Durban tournaments. .finAlly some crazy tournaments happening in durbz. . .visit the .for more info. . .

go Build 4 pudge (4) gerbil
Even though i been playin dota 4 ages, i still s*ck at pudge. Any suggestions on how to build him?

go Faceless Void strongest hero or not (4) smous
I believe that when you have a faceless void with a cranium basher and hyperstone you can not get beaten 1on1

go ogre magi (15) jaketg
ogre magi is simply the coolest hero in dota whenever i get him im beyond godlike.. just get aghanims scepter and u should have no problem with taking everyone out.. im telling u ppl.. ogre magi+aghan...

go Regional Tournaments (1) vengeful
Any1 knw wen these tournaments r gonna b held in sA??? Or does any1 knw wher i cAn find out about these!! Al the clan battles we've played up til now have been challenges via email.

go 6.44.!.. (19) vengeful
blood hel, so mAny changes n balances. . .and 6 NEW heroes!.!.!.!...!...!.

go dota song (6) jaketg
any of u guys know the dota song by bashunter?